Our concepts
Students. Professionals. Living.

Our concepts


Finding the right apartment for the new phase of life is sometimes not that easy. We want to clear this hurdle for you and offer you a wide variety of apartments in attractive locations, which are designed for the following three categories: Students, Professionals and Living.




Away from home, that means for students and trainees to start a new and independent, but above all wonderfully free life. We have the right home ready for you, so that you don’t have to take this challenge anymore. Our apartments offer a tailor-made room concept for the special requirements of students, they are of high quality and intelligently equipped. So you can move in with your suitcases packed and get to know the other students from our building without having to worry about your furnishings. Because everything you need to live is already there. Due to the central location of our properties, everyday items, doctors and local public transport are within walking distance. Should something be missing or questions arise, we are on site for you and take care of your concerns.




Whether starting a career, a job change, temporary project work or any other reason that requires a move: With our apartments for professionals, we offer fully furnished and well-equipped apartments that serve you as a (temporary) home and have everything ready for your daily needs. The room concept is precisely tailored to the requirements of business travelers. Many professionals associate temporary, professional stays with impersonal hotels or holiday apartments. With Pures Leben, it’s different. Here, professional travelers will find a cozy and at the same time stylish home as a retreat from work and everyday stress. Perfectly tailored interiors not only combine style and a high level of comfort, but the intelligent details save space and make efficient use of the available space. You experience the maximum feeling of living in a minimum of space. The apartments are also characterized by their central location; everyday items as well as doctors and local transport are within walking distance. If you have any questions, our team is always on site and takes care of your concerns.




The start of a new phase of life is exciting, especially if the place of residence changes. Whether for your first own apartment, the family nest or the feel-good place for the best time of your life - the search for the perfect home is not easy. Life is so diverse, which is why our apartments are too. With 1-4 rooms we meet the most diverse needs. The latest energy standards are important to us. That is why our properties think environmentally friendly and have modern technologies for energy-saving operation. The properties are each centrally located so that everyday items as well as doctors and local transport are within walking distance. Our team is always at your side with advice and action for all matters relating to the apartments.