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Renting an apartment often raises one or two questions, we have compiled the most common questions and answers for you.


Prospective tenant


Can I keep pets in the apartment?

The owner does not allow pets.

What are the flats and apartments for rent?

Berlin Charlottenburg - apartments ready to move in only with a suitcase
Münster Universe – furnished apartments
Münster Von-Steuben-Strasse – furnished apartments
Düsseldorf Grafenberger Allee – furnished apartments
Düsseldorf Flingern – 1 to 3 room apartments
Langenfeld Blumenviertel – 1 to 3 room apartments

Is there a (minimum) rental period?

In our properties, we have stored various (minimum) rental periods in the rental contracts:

  • Berlin Charlottenburg – 2 to 6 months
  • Munster Universe – 6 months
  • Münster Von-Steuben-Strasse – 6 months
  • Düsseldorf Grafenberger Allee – 6 months
  • Dusseldorf Flingern – 12 months
  • Langenfeld Blumenviertel – 12 months
Is a landlord certificate issued?

Yes, this will be handed over when the keys are handed over.

May I receive visitors?


Rent payment and security deposit


When do I have to pay my rent?

The rent must be credited to the respective rental account in advance, no later than the 3rd working day of the month.

When do I have to pay my deposit?

The transfer of the deposit may be divided into up to 3 equal monthly installments. The deposit (or the first installment) must be transferred before the start of the rental period, since no key/transponder handover can take place without receipt of the deposit.

I have received a reminder, what should I do?

You will receive a reminder, for example, if the rental payment has not been credited to the account on time or if your account is not balanced and there are outstanding receivables. If you have received a reminder, we ask you to settle your rent debts or the arrears as soon as possible. If this is not possible for you, please contact us for a refund. If you receive a reminder but have already settled the outstanding claims, please regard our reminder as irrelevant.

When will my deposit be returned?

If you have handed over your apartment after the end of the contract as agreed, we will promptly check whether there are still outstanding claims. Otherwise we will arrange for the deposit to be paid out immediately, which experience has shown can take at least four weeks. The deposit cannot be deducted, so that the open rental payments cannot be offset against the deposit. In the case of operating costs that have not yet been invoiced, we retain a portion for the outstanding invoice.

House Community


What are the house rules?

Residents can only live together peacefully "under one roof" if they have the will to be good neighbors on the basis of mutual consideration and respect and live accordingly. The house rules are part of the rental agreement and regulate how all tenants live together. It contains the rights and obligations of the residents and is intended to ensure harmonious coexistence.

What happens if someone breaks the house rules?

If a tenant repeatedly violates the house rules, the landlord is entitled to warn him/her for the misconduct, since the house rules are part of the rental contract and every tenant has to comply with them. An example of a violation of the house rules is, among other things, if someone massively violates the quiet times in the house, e.g. B. by loud music, which disturbs the peace at night. With a warning about disturbance of the peace, the landlord warns the tenant and requests that they refrain from this behavior in the future in the interest of all parties involved.

My neighbor is often too loud, how do I behave correctly?

If the personal conversation with the neighbors did not lead to a result, please create a noise report (see attachment). We will then get in touch with the neighbor. Please note that you should inform the public order office in extreme situations.



How can I report damage inside the flat/apartment?

If you do not have the contact details of your property manager, please contact the following e-mail address:

Changes in the rental agreement


Can I sublet my flat/apartment?

In principle, subletting requires the consent of the landlord. For a check, please send us the following information: the expected duration of the sublease and the exact personal details of the subtenant (surname, first name, date of birth).

I would like to be released from the rental agreement and someone else should continue the contract with the remaining tenant.

In order for us to be able to release a contractual partner from the existing rental agreement, we need the consent of all contractual partners. You will receive an addendum to the rental agreement, which all parties must sign. Evidence must be submitted by the "new tenant" that the rent payment will continue to be guaranteed in the future.

Berlin: Can my rental agreement be extended?

If there is no new tenant yet, we can extend the contract by up to 6 months.

Termination / Move out


How do I cancel my rental agreement?

The termination must be received by us in writing with the signatures of all contractual partners by the third working day of each month in the original by post, so that it becomes effective at the end of the month after next (statutory notice period). The punctuality of the termination is not dependent on its dispatch, but on its receipt. Please note whether there is a waiver of termination in your rental agreement.


Please send your cancellation to the following address:



Auf der Herrschwiese 15

49716 Meppen

I have made an appointment for preliminary acceptance, what happens there?

During the preliminary acceptance, it is checked whether there is still work to be done before the final acceptance / key handover (e.g. painting walls). The flat/apartment must be restored to its original condition.

When I moved out, deficiencies were recorded in the log, what should I watch out for?

All outstanding work / cosmetic repairs must have been carried out by the end of the rental period. If something was damaged inside the flat / apartments, the costs will be covered by the tenant.

When will I get my deposit back after the end of the rental?

If the apartment was returned in the contractual condition and there are no other claims from the tenancy (e.g. rent arrears, claims from utility bills), you will receive the deposit back. Please note that we may retain part of the deposit for any claims that may arise later.