Individual & professional: Outpatient service and day care


As our in-house partner for individual care services, Brina is at our side. The brand embodies contemporary and caring care - just right for New Care. The required support is individually tailored to our guests. Here the human as an individual is in the foreground. This is exactly why we can not only offer high-quality care solutions with Brina, but also look forward to carefree dealings at eye level.

A self-determined life is our priority. Therefore, the Brina concept not only focuses on pure medical care and the provision of care services, but above all on the support to master everyday life independently. Because active and healthy in old age means staying as independent as possible and keeping the level of joie de vivre high. Individual services can be booked on request; the usual range of services is thus expanded to include, for example, cleaning the apartment, a laundry service, shopping for groceries, dealing with authorities and other errands.


The varied program of the Brina day care offers the guests the opportunity to be creative, to be active in health-promoting sports, to take part in various events and - in addition to the exchange social highlights that take place with each other anyway - to experience. Brina has a new way of thinking about and perspective on caregiving. This is exactly why Brina is the perfect partner for us, for Pures Leben New Care.



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