Anouki can be found on the ground floor of our Pures Leben New Care residential quarters: a place of cosiness, the center for gourmets and special moments of pleasure and, above all, a meeting place that not only brings our tenants together. The Anouki is a fresh combination of a happy attitude to life, culinary variety and inspiring lightness.

In a casual atmosphere, it offers breakfast for every taste, lunch and an evening menu that attracts all connoisseurs with both traditional and new recipes. As part of the Pures Leben apartment complex, it is above all the communicative center for the guests. But other locals and visitors of the city also like to spend a good time here.


The restaurant is easy to reach and barrier-free, making it a place where guests can meet, receive visitors for patisserie or order "to go" and have the tasty and healthy dishes delivered to their own apartment. Here, the advantages of a canteen are combined with the ambience of a design-oriented brasserie: the Anouki is a highlight in itself.