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With our residential quarters from Pures Leben New Care, we create an oasis of well-being for seniors that combines the privacy of their own apartment with the advantages of a hotel. A life like on vacation that makes everyday life easier and nicer. We bring together comfortable living, individual care, community activities, delicious and healthy food and tailor-made service.  All in one place. A house that lives by the motto "better together"; in love with design down to the last detail. A home where everyone is welcome. The apartments are ready to move in directly; the only condition is the existence of a care level. It's a home for everyone who loves the new way of living: New Care.


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Our locations

First Düsseldorf, then Osnabrück. And we still have a lot to do! We carefully select the location of our properties. Central, demand-oriented and surrounded by a good transport infrastructure. Apartments by Pures Leben New Care can currently be found or are under construction at the following locations:


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Daycare & Outpatient service


As our in-house partner for individual care services, Brina is at our side. This expands our range of services to include contemporary and loving care - precisely in line with New Care. The support required is individually tailored to our residents and their care level.


Active and healthy in old age means staying as independent as possible and keeping the level of joie de vivre high, to which the wide range of day care also contributes, among other things. For the team, the focus is on people as individuals. This is exactly why we not only offer high-quality care with Brina, but also attach great importance to carefree dealings at eye level.


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Cantine et Brasserie

The Anouki is a place of coziness, the center for gourmets and special moments of pleasure and, above all, a meeting place that not only brings our guests together. Particularly practical: the restaurant is located directly in the residential area! And you can also have a good time with patisserie or a delicious dinner at Anouki when friends, family and acquaintances are visiting.


From morning to evening, the kitchen team spoils the palates with particularly enjoyable dishes and petit fours. In other words: with soul food - good and healthy food that makes you happy. The advantages of a canteen combined with the ambience of a brasserie: That's our Anouki!


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